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Healthy living doesn't have to be boring. Over the past few months, I've completely changed the way I live my life. I take a brisk walk every morning and carefully choose everything I eat and drink. I read labels for nutritional value and make a conscious effort to live a healthy life. Andre Cocktails make living a healthy life EPIC! Mixing Andre Champagne with ordinary juices creates extraordinary beverages. While alcohol itself is not really considered "healthy" I choose pure, organic fruit juices as mixers, with no sugars or preservatives, so that my cocktails fit into my healthy lifestyle. I’ve created several delicious tropical Andre Cocktails to share with you so that you can make living healthy #EpicWithAndre! I made these cocktails incredibly simple so that I can easily mix just one for me in a champagne glass or enough for an epic get-together with my friends. 
Epic Mango Strawberry Moscato is the ultimate tropical cocktail. To create a beautiful ombre blend, first pour mango juice into a champagne glass, then gently add the same amount of chilled Andre Strawberry Moscato. The orange color of the mango juice will tend to hover near the bottom of the glass, blending upward into the red color of the Andre Strawberry Moscato. It’s a gorgeous presentation and you can add a garnish by slicing a strawberry in half from the bottom and perching it on the edge of the glass.
Epic Peach Spumante is a spectacular poolside cocktail to enjoy while lounging and soaking up some sun. Even better, make a large pitcher of Peach Spumante and take it to an epic beach party. Create it by mixing equal parts of chilled Andre Spumante Champagne and a peach nectar juice. You can either use a mixing cup to completely blend it or simply pour the Spumante over the peach juice. Cut a fresh peach into thin slices and gently drop one in each glass for a garnish. Or be even more daring and drop two juicy blackberries into each glass. You could even add a colorful cocktail umbrella to each drink!
Epic Guava Blush is a balmy, blissful combination that’s perfect for epic evenings under the stars. It’s a fabulous drink for parties or even for a romantic date. Thoroughly mix three parts chilled Andre Blush with one part guava juice, then put three chunks of pineapple onto a long cocktail pick and immerse it into the drink. Or swap out the middle chunk of pineapple for a maraschino cherry. Andre Champagnes make it easy to enjoy cocktails while still striving for a healthy lifestyle!
You can create your own extraordinary cocktails by mixing different amounts of ordinary fruit juices with delicious Andre Champagne, their line California Champagne and sparkling wines. Try the Andre Brut, Cold Duck, or Extra Dry and find healthy new ways that you can make it #EpicWithAndre! I made healthy living epic with Andre! How will YOU make your ordinary, extraordinary with Andre? Share your epic with Andre story or cocktail idea below and remember to always drink responsibly! 
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