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One day after school, Nettie came home and saw her mom working at the kitchen table. When she learned her mom was writing a thank you note, Nettie wanted to know why. “It may seem old-fashioned these days to write by hand, but it’s classy.” Nettie’s mom explained to her daughter. There are six simple reasons plus an easy way to write thank you notes -- included in the book -- no matter the sender’s age. This 34-page storybook has hand-drawn, full-color illustrations. It's the only how-to children’s fiction book on the importance of keeping the etiquette of handwriting thank you notes from sadly going extinct ... just like the dinosaurs.
Janna McFerson, the author of "I Write Thank You Notes," wrote and illustrated it as a first-time mom. When her first child was born 18 months ago (and her second just last week!), she wrote almost 200 thank you notes to all of her gift-givers. Those gifts inspired her to create something tangible her children could have and something she could share with other parent readers. Janna feels it's important to keep the dying etiquette of writing thank you notes alive. She's now writing a whole series of "Ready Nettie" books! I think it's an adorable book with a very relevant message to children, written in a fun way that instills the virtue of gratitude.
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  1. The last time I received a handwritten thank you note was just last year when I visited someone in the hospital and brought them flowers.

  2. I used to play a mobile game called Happy Street. I made a lot of friends. One woman even sent me a handmade thank you note (after I gave her my address) to show her appreciation for my help in the game. It was way above and beyond. That was the last time I received a handwritten "snail mail" thank you note.

  3. Last time I received a hand written thank you note was a few months ago after I donated to a friend's IVF fund. It was so nice to receive a heartfelt thank you in the mail

  4. I received a thank you note 2 weeks ago. I gave a neighbor a jar of homemade jam. It totally shocked me to get the thank you note. It made me feel like she really appreciated the jam because she took the time to write a thank you note.

  5. I just got one the other day from one of my best friends who I took out to lunch a week ago. She always hand writes thank you notes!

  6. This year I did get a few from my friends.

  7. I just received one from my sister-in-law. It was a thank you note for attending my brother's 40th birthday.

  8. I received one from my daughter's teacher last year for being a concerned active parent. Whenever my daughter was having problems with homework or anything I was there trying to get her back on track. She said many other parents she encounters don't do half of what I do for her and often times for the other kids in the classroom with snacks and extras and wanted to thank me.

  9. It's been a while since I have received a handwritten thank you note. We try to send them anytime we receive gifts.

    I read Clair's comment above, and love the idea of sending a thank you note to parents of my students. I plan to do that!

  10. While it has been a while I always try to send handwritten notes and cards.


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