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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Traveling is SO much fun! Except for the long waits in the airport, the uncomfortable plane seats, the grueling extended time in the car, the freezing cold rides on the trains, and the part where you have to drag along the bare minimum of essentials to survive until you get home. Oh, and don't forget about the guy next to you who inadvertently falls asleep on your shoulder and snores loudly.
Comfy Commuter makes an amazing travel pillow and blanket that make travel much more enjoyable. Their travel pillow and travel blanket are compact, lightweight, and make all the difference in comfortable travel.
The Comfy Commuter travel pillow is different from others on the market. It offers a flat-back head support that doesn't push your head forward into an awkward position, so you can rest comfortably. It's super soft and filled with cushy support for your head and neck, plus it has a pocket where you can store your music player to drown out other people's snoring.
It easily compresses into its attached storage bag. Its unique design wraps gently around your neck and head, keeping your head upright so you're not the annoying person who sleeps on the guy next to you. With all the travel that I do, the Comfy Commuter travel pillow is a travel essential that I highly recommend.
Sleeping is much easier when you're warm too! I often find that airplanes are much too cold for my liking and I always end up next to someone who feels the need to open up their air vent full blast. The Comfy Commuter travel blanket allows me to snuggle up under my own super-soft blanket (not a scratchy airline blanket that's been used by many others before me) and snooze comfortably until I reach my destination.
This woven travel blanket is small enough to transport, but big enough to keep me comfortable during my travels. It's incredibly soft and even comes with its own blanket tie. Best of all, it has a unique u-shape on one end so that it can be draped over my front and tucked behind my shoulders to stay in place, or I can wrap it around my back and over my shoulders while I'm walking around. It easily fits into my carry-on tote too.
These Comfy Commuter travel essentials are made in the USA! They are fabulous gift ideas for those who love to travel in style and comfort. Order your Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow and Travel Blanket at www.comfycommuter.com. They even guarantee you'll love their pillow or your money back!

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