Why We Fired Our Cable TV Company

We have been living in our "empty nest" home for a year. When we moved in, we contacted the local cable company to hook up our cable tv and internet. While talking to them on the phone, we were offered a bundle price for tv, internet, and landline phone that beat the price of tv and internet alone, so we hooked up all three. Besides, since we live just outside a small town in Texas, my cell phone (iPhone 4S - yes, really) often drops calls, so the landline was a good idea.

Fast forward to this year. Our bill this month for tv, internet, and landline went up $20. We called to find out why and learned the price we had been given had an expiration date. The rep on the phone said he'd be happy to give us a new bundle price. When we received that bill, our monthly fee went up even more.

We live on a tight budget, so that was totally unacceptable. After a discussion, we decided to disconnect our cable tv entirely. While we're at it, the landline is going away too. Since we have Netflix, hubby decided we needed an antenna so we can get local television stations. I reminded him we were on a tight budget, so look what he built with what was in the garage:
And it works perfectly! Isn't he AMAZING???
(The funny thing is, I tease him occasionally about all the "junk" he keeps in the garage, but he really can build just about anything from all that junk.)

Then he called to find out how much JUST internet service would be, since the company does not list any of their prices on their website. There was simply a $14.99 internet ad on their site. The rep informed him the speed of that offer was best just for email, but she offered him an "extreme speed" internet offer for $95. He asked if there was ANYTHING in between those two packages, to which she replied, "Oh there is one for $34.99." It was like pulling teeth to find out what they offer!

This morning, he drove out of his way to drop off all the cable tv boxes and verify that we were signed up for just the $35 internet service. While there, he was informed he could get the "extreme speed" internet for the same $35 as the "standard" speed. Seriously, this company just needs a price list on their webpage!

As for the landline phone, a single call to Verizon about the dropped calls scored me a very cheap upgrade to an iPhone 5S. That should fix the dropped call issue because the 4S only has 3G service, but the 5S will give me 4G service. I happily extended my contract for another 2 years with Verizon because I already have a rockin' low monthly fee with them for unlimited everything. Maybe they should teach the cable tv company how to do business!


  1. Ugh. I hate even thinking about our cable bill. Seriously, I hate it. We pay $227 for cable and a phone line (that we don't use). Ridiculous, right? I want to fire our company so badly, but my husband and I love TV and I'm afraid that we won't be able to get what we want on netflix or that we'll have to wait for it to come out. I LOVE that you found an option that works for you though!

    1. WOW! That IS high! I'm glad mine wasn't that high.


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