Quicklock Doorlock - The Tech Product Like No Other! #tech

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The Quicklock Doorlock is a brand new safety product! This innovative universal locking system provides exceptional personal privacy, security, and safety in a way that no other universal lock offers. Most secure door locks are for the main entry only, but Quicklock can be installed quickly and easily onto ANY door, giving you strong personal security and privacy for your space. Your door remains locked (and pick-proof) until you unlock it with your smartphone, or wireless and waterproof RFID keys, available in the form of a ring, label, or a FOB. The robust Quicklock is made of solid die cast alloy.
The sleek, modern Quicklock is incredibly easy to install with just two screws and a plug. Radio Frequency (RFID) cards or FOBs can be provided for others to gain access. Quicklock is also energy efficient. It uses four AAA batteries and has a battery life of up to a year. It will even indicate when batteries are less than 30% so you know when new batteries are needed. 
It even has Bluetooth functionality that allows you to track your historical log to see who has entered and when. The free app is available in iPhone or Android stores under the name ‘thequicklock’ for instant Bluetooth access and control. It stores up to 50 wireless RFID keys! Plus, Quicklock does not rely on the internet -- if the internet goes down, the technology still works. Need to give someone quick access? You can share access at any time with a simple text by sending your password temporarily to someone.
Who needs a Quicklock? Everyone! Teenagers need one to keep younger siblings out of their stuff while they're out with friends or at school. College students need one to keep roommates out of their dorm room or thieves from stealing their electronics. Business people need one on their office door to keep nosy employees out. Gun owners need one on the closet door where they store their weapons. Parents will want one on their bedroom door to prevent little ones from interrupting adult activities. In fact, parents need them all over the house - on closets filled with Christmas presents, on the pantry door to keep kids from eating all the snacks, on a bathroom door where medications are stored, and on closets where poisonous cleaning supplies are stored. It protects your personal property while protecting your little ones from dangerous things!
So, how do you order your new Quicklock Doorlocks? The best possible deal is on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter Campaign launched TODAY, Aug 26th! Go order yours now! http://kck.st/1g9CAEC

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