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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I love discovering products that make my life easier! July is the month in which most people hang out their American flags and we just installed a flagpole in the backyard of our new home. Did you know you should never let darkness fall on an American flag? If it's up overnight, it needs to be lighted.
This BYB Solar Power Flagpole Light was the perfect solution for us to be able to leave our flag up all year long. It requires no wiring and is powered by the sun. The top of the light features little solar panels that soak up the sun all day long.
The bottom of the light features a ring of energy efficient soft lighting that stays on from dusk until dawn. We set our new light outside for a few minutes then tested the light in the bathroom to make sure it was working properly before we installed it on our flagpole.
Installation is so simple! You just place the solar light on the rod between the flagpole and the top attachment ornament piece that comes with your flagpole. That's it. This solar flagpole light is designed for in-ground flagpoles 15-25 feet tall with a half-inch thick rod that uses a standard spindle threading ornament.
I am absolutely thrilled with this solar power flagpole light. It looks good during the day and provides ample soft lighting all night long, without being so bright that it's distracting. Neither the wind nor the rain has hampered its performance.
It even provides enough soft light that I no longer have to flip on the back porch light to let the dog out at night, which means no more bugs flying straight at the porch as soon as we go outside. The lighting does not attract bugs at all. Buy it HERE on Amazon.
BYB Light
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This Amazon retailer sells a number of products and they also sent me a set of their 1Easylife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons. There are six measuring spoons in the set, ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. A handy ring keeps them all together.
These measuring spoons are so much more elegant than my old ones. They are polished to a gleaming, satin-brushed shine! The measurements are stamped into the steel handles and the round scoops make measuring simple, even out of a spice jar.
With dual measurements on each spoon, I can use them for dry measurement or liquid measurement. These would make a wonderful hostess gift or wedding gift. These measuring spoons are both practical and affordable! Buy them HERE on Amazon.

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