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For years, I have advocated the use of creative art for children. As an early childhood specialist, I know there is no better way for a child to express themselves than through drawing, coloring, and painting. Many schools have reduced art to a single class per week and some have even eliminated it. That means parents must find ways to ensure their children have access to many forms of art. In this new technological world, the PicsArt for Kids Android App stands out to me as one of the best!
Initially launched in 2013, PicsArt for kids has already been installed 2.5 million times, making it one of the most popular creative apps for kids on Android. PicsArt has just relaunched the app with even more fabulous elements to inspire kids!
“Curiosity and creativity are two things that go hand-in-hand for children experimenting with art,” said PicsArt CEO, Hovhaness Avoyan. “With this new app update, we’ve added features that provide educational value for kids without compromising the creative spirit at the core of our apps.”
Designed for children ages 3-8 years, PicsArt for Kids is a wonderfully creative app that expands children's art education and explores new ways for kids to develop and fine tune their artistic skills. There are lots of free coloring pages within the app and, with this relaunch, in-app purchases give children access to many more.
PicsArt for Kids helps children develop a sense of color and shape, and teaches them how to draw using a variety of brushes and other artistic tools. Kids now have access to high-resolution support from the app as well, which helps them grow comfortable with mobile art creation and prepares them to use the PicsArt Photo Studio as they advance. Check out the new interactive animations, editing tools, and coloring pages!
PicsArt for Kids gives children a wonderful canvas for creative expression, provides them experience using mobile art, keeps them busy in an educational way, and offers them an early opportunity to develop technology skills. I think it's a fabulous mobile app and highly recommend it.
You can help your kids discover and develop their creative expression skills by downloading the PicsArt for Kids Android App from the Google Play Store. Adults love the app too! PicsArt is the largest mobile community of creatives and creative images. PicsArt is dedicated to continuously improving and expanding the app, so get it today!
Get the PicsArt for Kids Android App here!

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