New Softsoap Limited Edition Summer Body Wash Scents

Disclosure: I received product at no charge from Colgate-Palmolive in exchange for my honest review.
If you've read my blog for a while, you know I'm a huge fan of Softsoap Body Washes. I get so excited when each new season's limited edition scents are released. I've just received the three new summer body wash scents and they are island-inspired! These scents take me back to the fabulous week I spent on the island of Nevis.
Fiji Waves is a light blue color (perfect for my guest bathroom) and is a fabulous combination of the refreshing scents of cucumber and melon. Fiji Waves is a moisture-rich formula that leaves my skin soft, silky, and smooth.
Tahitian Glow is like a warm summer sunset, wrapping me in the scents of citrus and pineapple. The moisture-infused formula of this body wash makes my skin feel amazingly soft. The scent of Tahitian Glow lasts on my skin for hours and my dry summertime skin soaks up the moisture.
My favorite new scent is the Bali Bliss. The blended scents of coconut and lime take me back to paradise. My skin is left feeling radiant and smooth with Bali Bliss. I can't wait to see what wonderful new Softsoap limited edition body washes come next! Grab these island scents at Walmart before they are gone. Stock up now so that when we're in the thick of winter, you'll have some summer-inspired scents to escape into your own exotic paradise.


  1. Softsoap is one of my favorite body wash brands. I'll have to purchase these new scents. I think I'd especially like Bali Bliss.


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