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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
If you've ever watched the haute couture (high fashion) shows on television, you've probably giggled at some of the outfits. Most of those fashions are things no regular person would wear. Only a few of us regular people weigh 100 pounds and stand 5'10" tall. There's a new designer on the scene and she's creating high fashion pieces that anyone can wear!
FBF by Checka is created by Francesca Skwark (aka Checka). I received this Nagare Wrap which is her top seller in boutiques and online. It's a combination of a wrap and a poncho, in that it wraps around the shoulders, but it cut in a double layer so the arms can go through it like a jacket. It's perfect for tossing over a summer sundress, or for layering with leggings and boots in the winter months.
In all honesty, I was at first a bit perplexed about how to wear it because of the layers, but once it was on me, both my husband and I loved the style and agreed it looked fabulous on me. It's super comfortable, made with double-knit, and features a textured white contrasting with a smooth black/white bonding. Best of all, FBF by Checka apparel is affordable!
Since my standard dress is blue jeans, I slipped on a black tank top, then the Nagare Wrap over it, then grabbed one of my favorite hats. This wrap is truly perfect for a woman of any age. FBF by Checka clothing is designed to make women feel classy, luxurious, sophisticated, and confident...and I have to say, she definitely succeeded!
You can grab your Nagare Wrap at www.fbfbychecka.com and check out the entire collection of skirts, minis, tops, and more! Checka is currently running a Kickstarter project to get these fabulous designs into stores across the country. Get on board and help her launch her next collection! Be sure to follow her Instagram and Twitter accounts to get the first peek at new pieces too.

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