Clean With JAWS Just Add Water System - Refill, Reuse, Recycle

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The cleaners we buy at the store are mostly water, so it makes perfect sense to switch to a cleaner that uses super-concentrated refill pods in a reusable bottle. The JAWS Cleaners are so much better for our environment because we can reduce plastic waste, save money, and even recycle the pods.
To get started using JAWS, you purchase one of their pre-mixed bottles at the store, then when it runs out you purchase only a small, lightweight pack of refill pods. JAWS cleaners include a Glass Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, and Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
The bottle has a clearly-marked line for adding tap water for the refill. Then you just pop in one of the refill pods, and when you twist the spray nozzle back onto the bottle, the super-concentrated cleaning solution is released into the water. The bottles can be used over and over again!
Good Housekeeping tested 17 glass cleaners and JAWS was the only one to leave no streaks behind. It's ammonia-free and alcohol-free. It's the cleaner I use on my laminate floors too! The JAWS kitchen cleaner is a fabulous degreaser and is even recommended for cleaning grills and barbecues by the Wall Street Journal.
I love that all the JAWS cleaners leave no streaks, no haze, and no residue. The clean they leave behind is wonderful. The pods are less expensive than buying a whole new bottle and I'm taking another step at reducing waste on our planet. I'm super satisfied with the JAWS cleaners and highly recommend them!
You can get JAWS cleaners at www.jawscleans.com and at select retail stores. Be sure to check out the "Where To Use Chart" on their site because these amazing cleaners can clean virtually any surface both inside your home and outside your home!
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