SmartFeed Serves Up Better Media For Kids

Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for my post.
SmartFeed has a wonderful, straightforward premise for kids: Put Positive Media In, Get Positive Minds Out. As parents, don't we always want to choose the best for our kids? We seek out the best schools and teachers, most family-friendly neighborhoods, and the healthiest types of foods. We encourage our kids to participate in after-school activities and to form positive friendships. SmartFeed now allows us to also choose the best media stories and role models for our kids. This amazing tool helps parents better manage kids' digital media, and shift away from "filtering out bad" and towards "driving more good" content and technology.
SmartFeed has four key components - Curate, Deliver, Manage, and Connect - that enable parents to curate media options based on detailed preference settings, enable convenient push delivery to family devices, manage what kids are consuming online, and finally connect to other like-minded families to share media recommendations.
SmartFeed allows parents to choose the best digital media and customize content by child, situation, ratings sources, content format and device type. Parents are able to “pre-load” only desired content onto each child’s devices, without pop-up previews or advertisements. The managing part of it allows you to know exactly what content your children have consumed so you can connect with them about it. It also eliminates screen time battles with customizable auto-set on/off times, and it encourages your children to watch “inspiring” content by allowing extended viewing time for individual apps and programs.
SmartFeed gives you the option to join an online community of parents, schools, and organizations to get valuable insight into the types of media that other local families, families who have similar settings to you and schools are using. SmartFeed enables parents to leverage the very powerful medium of digital media to find great content to positively influence kids. Your children are going to be online anyway, and SmartFeed helps you make sure they are seeing the things you want them to see.
Visit SmartFeed at www.thesmartfeed.com and back their Kickstarter program HERE! I think SmartFeed is an excellent way to help build up more positive children who will one day be leading our country. Be sure to check out the SmartFeed YouTube channel too!

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