Saver Emergency Breath System Prevents Smoke Inhalation from Fires

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My husband was a volunteer firefighter in the years before we met. He's seen his share of horrifying moments. Imagine your house is on fire, in the middle of the night, with dark billowing smoke all around you, and you not only have to get yourself out of the house, you can hear all your children in their rooms coughing and choking on the smoke. Did you know that 80% of deaths from fires are due to smoke inhalation?
Saver is an emergency breath saver system, designed to prevent smoke inhalation. The compact design of this essential personal life-saving device allows users to breath clean air and be able to get out of a fire before succumbing to smoke inhalation. It comes with a flashlight to help guide you out of a fire, and works as a signal for rescuers to find you even in dark smoke. There is also a built-in alarm to help notify first responders of your location. Saver is easy to use, even for children.
Saver is designed with Triple Filter Technology, that includes a Prefilter for smoke and dust, a Hopcalite filter for carbon monoxide, and a HEPA filter for toxic fumes. This triple filter will give you 5 minutes of clean air to breathe so you have time to get out of the house before being overtaken by the smoke. Saver activates in less than 5 seconds.
The triple filter removes smoke and dust, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke, and toxic smoke and materials. The Hopcalite actually turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Breathing through a Saver device prevents toxic elements from entering your respiratory system, which reduces the risk of fire fatalities and long-term implications from smoke inhalation.
Saver's award-winning design is small and sleek. You can easily store the portable unit in your office desk, your handbag, or your night-table drawer. Put one next to every bed in your house to give yourself the peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to protect your family members. Keep one in the kitchen too, in case of a kitchen fire. Tuck one into your child's belongings when you send them off to college or camp. Saver even comes in a multi-user wall unit.
Saver should be an important part of your family's emergency plan. Those extra few minutes of clean breathing gives you and your family members a greater chance of escaping a fire without the tragedy of loss of life. Visit the Saver campaign page today and purchase this must-have home safety device!

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