NEW Tropical Mango Coconut THINaddictives

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Nonni's THINaddictives are an incredibly sweet, guilt-free way to snack. I'm excited to share with you that there is a brand new flavor - Mango Coconut! Doctors are always telling us we should eat more almonds, but they're only tasty to me when they're embedded in THINaddictives.
THINaddictives come in portion-packs and each one is 100 calories or less. They are crunchy and sweet like a cookie, but packed with healthy goodies. THINaddictives come in delicious flavor combinations, like Cranberry and Almond, and Cinnamon Raisin with Almonds.
I love the portion-packs because I can toss one in my bag when I'm headed out for the day and having one on-hand for snacking keeps me away from vending machines. The new Mango Coconut with Almonds is a delicious blend of sweet mango, grated coconut, and California almonds.
The new Mango Coconut THINaddictives are delicious and are now my favorite flavor! They're low-fat, low-carb and contain 3g of protein/per serving. They are available at grocery stores nationwide, so grab a box and taste for yourself!
In celebration of the new flavor, Nonni’s THINaddictives is hosting a “Summer Giveaway” on Facebook. 50 winners will be selected to receive a free box of the new Mango Coconut THINaddictives. Fans can also download a $1 off coupon of a box of THINaddictives on Facebook by selecting the coupon tab. Check out their Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts for other special offers.

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  1. These THINaddictives sound just that; addictive! They sound delicious and I can't wait to pick up a box next time I'm in the grocery store. Thanks for the review!


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