Nano Ice Cool Collar: Freezer-Charged Cooling Necklace

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Wow, it's hot here in Texas! Between the heat and the humidity, it's brutal out there. I try to get most of my gardening done in the early morning, but I often find myself outside even in the hottest part of the afternoon. Thank goodness my Nano Ice Cool Collar keeps me cool! This brand new product is made of 100% recycled material and 100% organic substance.
The Nano Ice Cool Collar is a freezer-charged cooling necklace. The round "beads" absorb their cooling technology in the freezer, then provide me relief from the heat for three hours. The "beads" are about the size of a golf ball which are wrapped in material and gathered in between. It's perfect for regulating temperature because it cools the blood in my arteries before it reaches my brain. I use it in winter too, for relieving my headaches!
The Nano Ice Cool Collar is so much better than ice-cubes that are way too cold to tolerate. It also won't melt all over your neck. Wet rags dry out after a few minutes, but the Nano Ice Cool Collar stays cool and comfortable for hours even in the scorching Texas heat. Need more recommendations? Aid workers in Africa have tested the Cool Collar with positive results, plus for every ten Cool Collars sold, the creators of this amazing product will donate one to aid workers abroad.
Keep your cool this summer with the Nano Ice Cool Collar!  
Visit their Etsy page and order yours today!

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