Mobicip Provides a Safe Internet for Your Family

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Children have constant access to the internet on computers, tablets, and phones. The internet can be a wonderful learning tool with instant reach to nearly all the information in the entire world. The only problem with that is the ability to seek out things that aren't appropriate for kids to see. Nearly 40% of the internet is porn! Mobicip provides a safe internet for your family, giving parents peace of mind. Mobicip works to protect your children on all devices, including computers, tablets, and phones, and all platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android. Online management allows parents to set customized controls for web usage and offers parents easy access to internet browsing history, so you can decide what your children see and then follow up to see exactly what your children are doing online.
Mobicip features the ability to manage and monitor app downloads, plus parents get an instant alert! Mobicip doesn't limit parents to managing from a home computer, by allowing parents to configure and monitor their family's internet usage from the Mobicip mobile app. Get more information about the features of Mobicip on their features page. Your children's access to explicit material virtually disappears, giving them a better and safer internet experience, while providing moms and dads with better parental control and monitoring of the time their children spend connected. Mobicip is a wonderful tool for families, schools, and businesses! Check out what other moms have to say about Mobicip on their testimonials page.
Visit www.mobicip.com and learn more about Mobicip. Check out their most recent news and read the Mobicip blog. Mobicip offers a free basic account and you can also sign up for the Premium package for the best of Mobicip's features. Use this special Planet Weidknecht discount code to save even more: TTZ18S. Mobicip knows your children's safety is your priority, so they make it their priority too!


  1. i'd like to just microchip my son right about now

  2. It's nice that you can control it all from a smartphone.

  3. My kids are younger so far they only go to sites that I bookmark for them. But we will need this soon! Such a terrific product!!


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