Let Mr Beams Light Up Your Life with Wireless LED Lighting

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Mr Beams is a wireless LED lighting company that can light up your life easily, efficiently, and afforably. Their extensive product line features indoor and outdoor lights, including task lighting, stick anywhere lighting, stair and step lighting, pathway lighting, ceiling lighting, spotlights, and lanterns. They are motion activated with auto shut off, which is a light sensor that prevents them from turning on during the day or in a lit room.
Mr Beams lights are all battery powered, so they can be installed anywhere, like closets, hallways, stairways, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and is super easy with the included double-sided adhesives or use the included screws. Their website features videos about installing and using their lights, which is perfect for visual learners like me. Mr Beams sent me a two-pack of the Wireless Motion Sensor LED Slim Task Lights and a three-pack of the Stick Anywhere Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Lights.
You may have seen my recent post about my kitchen makeover, and the Wireless Motion Sensor LED Slim Task Lights got to be a part of that project! Since I refinished the cabinets in a dark stain, we were a bit worried about whether the room would feel darker. The area under our upper cabinets was the perfect place to install the Slim Task Lights.
Using the screws, we installed one Slim Task Light under the upper cabinet on each side of our stove, centered above the counter. The lights only come on when the room is darkened and someone moves within range of the sensor, and they go off a few seconds after we're done working in that area, which also saves on battery usage because we don't have to worry about forgetting to turn them off. They are so convenient and look fabulous!
The Slim Task Lights make a huge difference in the amount of light in my kitchen work-space! Before I had the Mr Beams lights, I thought under-cabinet lighting would be difficult to install and I also thought it would be expensive, but Mr Beams lighting is simple and affordable. Best of all, you cannot see the actual task lights because of their slim profile, but you have the lighting right where you need it.
We installed two of the three Stick Anywhere Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Lights in the back hallway of our house. There is a guest bedroom, the laundry room, my blogging office (also used as a guest room), and a guest bathroom off that hallway. We installed them quickly and easily, at a height of about knee-high at both ends of the hallway. Now when guests are here, I won't worry at night if they get up because they'll be able to find their way around more easily.
We installed the third Stick Anywhere Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Light in our master bathroom so we don't disturb each other when we get up at night. The night lights put out just enough light without being too bright. I am absolutely thrilled with my new Mr Beams lighting and highly recommend them!
You can buy Mr Beams lighting at www.mrbeams.com and you can now buy them at Target! Their website even offers options to buy special packages, such as the Mr Beams Home Safety Storm Kit, Mr Beams Deck Kit, Mr Beams Shed Kit, Mr Beams Outdoor Safety Kit, and many others. Go check out all the great products and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!


  1. these are really nice lights, and would be perfect for areas where I need light and there are no outlets close by and also during winter storms when the power is out or summer thunderstorms where we lose the power.

    1. I am so happy with these lights. It makes me smile every time one of them comes on and lights my way!


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