FilterSnap - Furnace and Air Filter Subscription

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The one thing we always forget to pick up in advance is the filter that goes in our air conditioning and heating system. Twice this year, we've had to make extra trips to the store just to get an air filter. With FilterSnap, we will never have to do that again. FilterSnap's subscription service sends us a new air filter every three months and delivers right to our front door for FREE! Plus, I no longer have to find space to store extra filters or track when it's time to change the filter.
Since we have seasonal allergies and our dog sheds about a pound of fur a day, a good air filter is a must. FilterSnap offers three types of superior filters - Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. They are better constructed than what we used to buy at the store and they cost us less than what we were paying. We use their Standard filters, which are perfect for minor allergy sufferers and pet owners.
It's so easy to get started! Just visit www.filtersnap.com and type in the size filter you need, select the filter type that works best for you family, and place your order. Your first order will be delivered quickly, then every three months your new filter will arrive at your door. I highly recommend FilterSnap! It's saved me time and money, plus the filter performance is excellent.

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