Buy Yourself A Cowhide Rug Today – You’ll Be So Glad You Did!

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As a decorative element in the home, the presence of cowhide rugs is experiencing a huge boom in popularity. In addition to the style and durability of rugs of this kind, there a huge number of stylistic options in cow hide that allow them to become a crucial and vibrant addition to any room. Cowhide rugs are making their way outside of the home as well. There are an increasing number of these rugs appearing in office and commercial spaces throughout the country.

The number of ways that cowhide rugs remain durable over time takes most people by surprise. The raw materials and the high-quality, modern processing of the hides allows them to stand up to huge volumes of traffic over a lifetime. Additionally, the material is scuff-resistant and highly-resilient when it comes to exposure to moisture. While many people have associated this kind of decorating element with traditional and rustic motifs in the past, the expanding options for rugs made using cowhide is dramatically expanding the decorative possibilities. The huge number of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes available in today's market are opening up a dramatic new world of modern sensibility for this raw material.

These rugs are not limited to the floor either. Decorators are embracing the new possibilities when it comes to hanging cow hide and using it as an accent piece or a decorative focus around which the rest of a room can be organized. As opposed to textiles and other less-natural products that have been appearing in the home, this material is much easier to maintain. It offers a fiber-based alternative that can easily be moved from space to space. Furthermore, cowhide rugs are not limited to the natural color of the hide. The visual versatility is thanks in part to the ease with which the materials can be colored. People are excited to embrace patterning and patchwork pieces that illuminate less-expected elements of beauty. In particular, decorators and homeowners find themselves increasingly drawn to zebra or leopard prints that can easily be reproduced on the natural hide. All of these rugs are safe in the home environment for both children and pets while still offering extraordinary elegance and color that does not fade over time.

Cowhide rugs exist as one of the most hypo-allergenic rugs to be made using all-natural materials. The natural oils contained in the hides contribute to their soft feel and luscious finish that also repels bacteria and other kinds of harmful organisms that often find their way into many synthetic materials over time. Embracing both the classic and modern potential of cowhide rugs in the home or office can shed new light on the ideas you have about living in comfort and style.

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