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Although I love to get dolled up to go out on the town, I am really more of a blue jeans gal, so I need a handbag that styles well whether I'm dressed up or dressed down. The Adora Bag is perfect for every style. It is made of 100% full grain Italian leather, and is the perfect look all day, every day.
The blue leather Adora bag is incredibly soft, which gives it a casual look when I wear it with my jeans. I love the "hippie" look, so I chose a peasant blouse and a pair of clogs, and I think the leather tassel on this bag echoes my style perfectly.
The Adora bag is 14.5 inches tall and 20.9 inches wide, with a depth front to back of 7 inches. It's an excellent bag to carry around everything I could possibly need during the day and evening, and also makes a wonderful carry-on travel bag.
The Adora bag comes with some interior surprises too! Attached to a strap on the inside, is a darling little pouch made of the same beautiful blue leather. It has a closure toggle and even detaches from the bag if I want to slip into a nightclub with just the pouch in hand.
Real full grain leather often features a small wrinkle or vein, but it is a sign of authenticity, not imperfection. The stitching on the Adora bag and its hideaway pouch is flawless, as one would expect in a quality Italian-made bag.
Inside the little pouch, I even found a leather-bound notepad. All the little details in the Adora bag are amazing. Real leather has a distinct scent that cannot be imitated, and it's an aroma I've always loved. It's somehow sexy and rugged, while still being feminine.
This leather is best cleaned with a humid cloth, but Adora even includes a little leather tag if I want to test out any leather cleaners or solvents without putting my beautiful bag at risk. They really think of everything!
Inside the Adora bag are two attached rings, one with a solid ring and one with a spring-loaded closure, so I can attach my keys or anything else that I might want instant access to. The handle drop is about 8 inches, which is perfect for hand-carrying or shoulder-carrying.
The blue Adora bag is such a rich color, both casual and elegant. I think my most favorite feature of this bag is the softness of the leather. It's very unique and something I've never had in any other bag. Even more intriguing is that the handles are sturdy so they won't lose their shape.
I am so smitten with the Adora Bag! It's perfect for my dress-down style, but will be able to easily transition to the rare occasions where I'm in something more dressy. The luxurious quality of the Adora bag is unmatched and I have lots of handbags to compare to it!
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  1. oh my, I just love this bag. You rock it well in a casual way. I can see the functionality.

  2. I totally agree! It's super stylish and very rugged!! Looks fabulous with your outfit!

  3. 100% Italian leather! Great prize!


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