Giveaway! BOX4BLOX™ Award Winning Lego Sorter and Storage Box

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Only a Mom Could Have Thought Of Something Like This!

“Someone should invent something to sort Lego like those things they use in the bank to sort coins!”

It was these words, uttered by a New Zealand Mom of four, after seeing all her kids Lego tipped all over the floor, minutes after spending the best part of an hour sorting them into some semblance of order that lead to her and her husband to invent and develop their award winning BOX4BLOX. Now made in the USA, the BOX4BLOX has already been voted the “Home Organizing Product of the Year” in the United States by the National Association of Professional Organizers; received a “Santa Choice Award”; plus been awarded the “Seal of Approval” Award and the “Award of Excellence” from The Toy Man® ; the internationally recognized toy product reviewer and child safe toy evaluator.
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence” is an internationally coveted award, awarded only to products that achieve an overall Evaluation Category Rating Average, ECRA™, of [5] Stars, based on: cost benefit; durability, ease of use; functionality; marketing value and visual appeal. To receive “The Toy Man Award of Excellence”, products are put through stringent product testing, both by The Toy Man expert product evaluators, but more importantly by selection of the product’s target market, ie. Moms and kids, that would likely use or purchase the item. As you will read in report below where “The Toy Man® ” comments…

“The BOX4BLOX is an innovative storage solution for keeping Lego® type blocks organized and tidy. It is a mother’s dream of innovative design to help manage Lego® and similar items more effectively.

Here is a link to the Toy Man BOX4BLOX Product Review Report.

Please watch the video below where you can see how the BOX4BLOX provides a very simple and effective solution to the every day problem of Lego bricks spread all over the floor.

BOX4BLOX Sorts, Stores and Organizes Your Legos By Size, In Seconds.

The BOX4BLOX works by grading Lego parts through a series of trays with differing sized grids. All the large pieces and base trays are stored in the top tray with the large grid; the medium to large pieces stay in the blue tray with the medium grid; the small to medium parts stay in the red tray with the small grid; and all those hard-to-find tiny bits and pieces end up in the green base tray. As the pieces can be easily found from the individual trays without having to tip all the Legos over the floor, the BOX4BLOX effectively eliminates all your Lego hassles.

Let’s face it every kid loves playing with Legos, but keeping those pesky little plastic bricks organized and off the floor is the bane of every parents’ life. How many times have we had to scratch through the vacuum dust bag to retrieve a Lego piece?; or the kids have lost an important part from an expensive Lego set?; or experienced the pain of standing on that sharp block left out on the floor in the middle of the night?

The BOX4BLOX is manufactured in the United States, using high quality ABS plastic (the same plastic Lego uses). It has a 5 year replacement part guarantee and is sold exclusively online, via the inventors web site www.box4blox.com, at a retail price of $44.99, which includes FREE SHIPPING.

The inventors are giving away two FREE BOX4BLOX!

Giveaway/Contest Is Open To US Residents Ages 18 and older.
Giveaway Ends At Midnight On 6/14/2015.


  1. So cool, we could really use this one! Entering!

  2. That is awesome! May have to get this for my lego fanatics in the house!

  3. That is amazing - you mean there's a way that I might finally see the carpet in my son's toy room???? ...sorry, I'm back, I fainted!! :)


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