Flat Out of Heels Loren Ridinger Shoes - Review #fashion

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
No one is really sure who invented the first pair of high heels, but Queen Elizabeth I is the first person documented to have worn them in 1595. Since then, women around the world have filled their closets with shoes that aren't really that comfortable, but look fabulous. Wouldn't you love to slip into something more comfortable that look fabulous too? Check out Flat Out of Heels, a Loren Ridinger Collection!
Created to be a fashionable solution to pain from wearing heels, Flat Out of Heels are rollable and can fit in any purse for added convenience. These darling flats allow women to wear heels for work or play while keeping a comfortable, stylish alternative on-hand in case foot pain creeps in.
This style is the J-Glow, inspired by Loren Ridinger's best friend Jennifer Lopez. They are made of beautiful brushed nickel vegan leather with silver studs. They have hard red soles that are durable enough for daily wear and feature elastic to fit perfectly around feet.
Each pair even comes with a convenient carrying bag, where you can store your heels when you slip into these comfortable flats. What a relief to get out of those painful high heeled shoes and into a pair of Loren Ridinger Flat Outs!
Visit www.flatoutofheels.com to see their entire collection and use the discount code FLATOUT4 to save yourself $4.00 on your new shoes!
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