Book Review: Relentless Savage by Dave Edlund

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The book Relentless Savage by Dave Edlund could easily be turned into a blockbuster movie. The story is very intriguing as it combines the past with modern day in a way I've never even considered. What would happen if a mad Chinese scientist combined the DNA of a preserved Neanderthal with modern man in a secret research facility? It begins with a young American college guy named Ethan Savage who goes off to Sudan on a service trip to help refugees and is kidnapped by Janjaweed rebel forces. His father Peter will stop at nothing to get him back home. He recruits several friends to help him and when they arrive to rescue his son and the other students taken hostage, they are confronted with genetically-engineered super soldiers called Homothals. Even with the help of top-level government, it looks like they are outnumbered and sure to perish. This gripping, suspenseful story of scientific fact and fiction will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wondering if something like this could truly happen. The book is masterfully written and I can't wait to read more from Dave Edlund.

EXCERPT (pp 142):
As the Janjaweed approached to within about a hundred yards, Gary raised the Colt Python and cocked the hammer.
Looking toward Peter with a grim smile he said, “Is this where Butch and Sundance make their last stand?”
Peter chuckled, but he wasn’t sure why. They were facing death. “I promised I wouldn’t utter any more morbid allusions, remember?”
“You’re off the hook. That deal was only if we live through this. Right now, that doesn’t look likely.”
They were both silent as they watched the enemy advance. Peter had no hope of hitting anything smaller than an elephant at 100 yards with his pistol, so he just watched and waited.
“You know, Gary, you’ve been like a brother to me.”
“I know. And you’re the brother I never had.”
Todd cut in. “Okay Butch and Sundance. Don’t go all sentimental on me. It ain’t over yet. The fat lady may be warming up, but she still ain’t singin’.”
Peter turned to Ethan, his face a mixture of regret and the love of a father for his son, a love without limits or qualifications. Never in his worst dreams had Peter imagined it would all end this way… in the dry desert of North Africa, thousands of miles from home and family.
He wondered if his daughter, Joanna, would ever come to know what happened here… to understand why her father and brother never came home.
Battle sounds pulled Peter’s focus back to the advancing enemy.
A barrage began to pepper the line of approaching Janjaweed warriors.
The sound of explosions was quickly followed by a high-pitched buzz, the distinctive sound made by a minigun.
Like toy soldiers being swept over by a child’s hand, the Janjaweed fell to the onslaught.
It happened quickly, and within a minute, they were all dead.

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