Be The Best You Can Be - Chicken Soup for the Soul - Review

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Raising children is difficult and there are so many ways we, as parents, can mess up our kids. My goal as a mom was to hopefully counteract those not-so-good interactions with my kids with a higher ratio of meaningful, loving, and supportive interactions. My three are now grown and scattered across Texas, attending college and starting their adult lives. I feel as though I must have accomplished something wonderful because they make me proud every day. It's important to take time with our children, as they grow up, to instill in them the virtues and values that we want to be a part of who they are and who they become. The new Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Be The Best You Can Be, is a wonderful resource to help parents approach many of these values with kids.

The book is much like their other books, in that it tells short stories, but it's also very different because it's designed as a book that parents can read with (or to) their children and teens, and follows up with conversation starters that can help facilitate introspective family talks. Talking with your kids gives them an opportunity to open up about their lives, and gives you the chance to plant many seeds of goodness in their hearts. Even if your child is a teenager that resists parental involvement, I encourage you to leave a copy of the book laying around where they will see it. Chances are, they might be intrigued enough to read it on their own.

The chapters in this book include: Making Your Best Effort, Doing the Right Thing, Making True Friends, Accepting Responsibility, Being Kind, Being Grateful, and Getting Through Tough Times. Each short story in the book is a true story and helps to show examples of tolerance, respect, and compassion. Being able to read together about role models helps children to set goals to develop good values and set goals. It's a wonderful book that should be in every family home.

Grab a copy of Be The Best You Can Be at www.chickensoup.com!

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  1. I need this for my grandson. This book sounds awesome.He has self esteem issues.


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