Inviter Revolutionizes Birthday Invitations #Giveaway

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A child's birthday is really the single most important day of the year to him or her. It's the day where everyone pays attention to only them. They get parties, presents, and sweets made just for them. It's so important that most children start talking about their next party the day after the birthday party they just had. The planning of the theme, the list of friends to be invited, the kind of cake to be served, the party games to be played - this special day means more to them than just about anything else. I've many times overheard children threaten others with being left off the invitation list! Can you imagine the distress? This year, your child can invite all their friends to a birthday party in a way that beats out every other birthday invitation by using Inviter Video Greetings!
Inviter has revolutionized the way invitations are sent with their powerful video invitation tool. It's so much more fun to do than writing out all those cards. It's very easy to use too. Just take a video of your adorable child telling their friends all about the amazing birthday party coming up soon, then upload your video to Inviter, pick a theme, and personalize the message and background with the time, date, and place. Then send it to all the lucky invitees! You can send it immediately or schedule it to send later. Inviter even offers a mobile-friendly experience.
Check out a sample birthday invitation on Inviter by clicking HERE.

Inviter is not just for birthday invitations. It's a wonderful platform for all kinds of video invitations, video greetings, video newsletters, and more. You can schedule any kind of video or automate them to save time. Even companies can use Inviter to send personalized videos to customers, employees, partners, and vendors. Go sign up for a Free 14-Day Trial (no credit card needed) and be sure to enter below to be one of five lucky winners to win a 20% coupon code to use on any of Inviter's services!
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Inviter has graciously offered 5 of my readers the chance to win a 20% coupon code. To enter, just fill in the giveaway form below. Giveaway ends on 5/10/2015. Good luck!

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