Bertolli Olive Oil Spray - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Eating healthier is an essential part of living better. Bertolli Olive Oil Spray is 100% natural and much better for you than other cooking oils. The sprays allow you to get a nice, even application so you end up using less oil than you would if you were pouring, so you are consuming fewer calories. There are three Bertolli Olive Oil Sprays - 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, 100% Classico Pure Olive Oil Spray, and 100% Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil Spray.
The 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray adds an even layer of flavor to pastas and salads. You can spray Bertolli Olive Oil Spray directly onto food for a quick and healthy marinade. I tried it on my salad and it adds just enough taste without being heavy.
The 100% Bertolli Classico Olive Oil Spray is perfect for grilled vegetables. You can spray it onto any pan or even directly onto the grates of your grill. My favorite vegetable is broccoli, so I tried this spray on my skillet with some broccoli for a dreamy side dish with lots of flavor.
100% Bertolli Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil Spray is perfect for baking or stir-frying. Its delicate taste and high smoke point makes it an excellent choice for desserts. I whipped up some banana cupcakes and they fell right out of the pan when they cooled. I am thrilled with Bertolli Olive Oil Sprays and encourage you to give all three of them a try in your kitchen. Check out their website for more information and fabulous recipe ideas!

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