Madame Irma Children's Watch

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Young children are quite challenged when it comes to telling time. Three year olds definitely don't understand what parents mean by "snack time is at 9:30" but with the Madame Irma Children's Watch, children will know exactly what parents mean by "when you see the brown cat, it's snack time."
This fun new way to tell time is designed for children ages 3-6. The Madame Irma way of reading this watch will help young children begin to better understand the concept of time in a way their young minds can understand. Even naptime will be more fun when a "red bunny" says it's time to snuggle up and rest!
The Madame Irma watch is designed for the ruggedness of young children too! The band is resistant and smooth, with double slots to secure it even through lots of outdoor play. The band features a sturdy metal closure clasp and several holes so the watch can grow with your child.
As an early childhood teacher for 25 years, I think this idea is a wonderful way to help children understand time concepts in a fun way. Our daily schedule was always posted on the wall in pictures to help the children at least understand what happens next, but this watch takes that idea a huge step forward!
Madame Irma offers five beautiful childlike prints for the watch band, plus a wall clock to get the entire family into the fun and learning. This is a wonderful gift idea for any young child! Shop online at www.irmatime.com today!

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