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WARNING!!! As of November 2015, this company has still NOT PAID me for writing this sponsored post for them. If you are a blogger, I urge you not to work with this company. If you are a parent considering using this company's product, be aware that you may not be able to reach this company for any type of customer service. They have not responded to my repeated attempts to contact them regarding what they owe me. ~Lisa

Do you let your kids watch videos online? Unsupervised web surfing can introduce your children to all sorts of adult-oriented things that you're not quite ready to explain. Kideos is a free mobile app and website for kids aged 10 years and under that allows them to watch manually-curated, age-appropriate videos. 
Kideos allows children to easily navigate through the videos in a safe environment with no ads. In-video links and comments are deactivated through Kideos, plus there are no in-app purchases. Parents can even set controls for an age gate to further restrict what they want their younger children to see. There is also a time limit function so parents can control how long their child is watching.
Each channel on Kideos is also a playlist that automatically plays the next video, giving children ongoing entertainment. Kideos gives parents peace of mind while allowing their children to watch approved videos on their own.
As an early childhood teacher for 25 years, I think Kideos is a wonderful idea. The media that I allowed my young students to see was always pre-approved by me, which I did on my own time. Kideos takes all the work out of sitting through hours of media by curating which videos are safe and appropriate for children through their app and website.
The easy navigation lets kids feel like they are in control of their own choices, which is important to a child's cognitive development. Children can enjoy safe videos on the go with the mobile app and at home through the website. Even the name "Kideos" will appeal to children because they will know that's their own program to use.
Kideos has already been downloaded over 100,000 times and the website has been used by over 880,000 viewers. Visit Kideos HERE to learn more and download the app for FREE!

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