Daycare Room Ideas - Daycare Loft

I've been going through boxes of old photos lately, in my attempts to declutter my house, and found some photos of the daycare room that I created in my first house. They are not great quality pics because they are over ten years old, but I wanted to share photos of the loft my husband designed and built from my simple pencil sketch.
In just two weeks, over a Christmas vacation break, my husband built the daycare loft. The cost of all the materials was around $600 including the wood, the plexiglass around the upper loft, and the carpeting for the steps.
Under the loft was the "home center."
The upper loft was the "reading center."
This area, on the opposite corner of the room from the loft, was the "math center" and "science center," along with "table toys."
This little corner was the "block center." The other corner of the room, of which I have no photo, was the "computer center." If you have a home daycare or even a playroom for your own children, I hope these photos give you ideas for setting up the room. Thanks for reading!


  1. This is so cool. I wish that I had an extra room so that I could make a cool playroom for my son.

    1. That particular house was really small, around 1200sf. The daycare room was actually the living room. The master bedroom was big enough that I could add a loveseat, so that corner became our little "living room." At the time, it was just me and my two young kids though.


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