SkyMath - Entertaining Educational iPad App

If your child is struggling with math or just wants to improve their math skills, then you must check out SkyMath. SkyMath is an app for iPad users that is completely different from any other math game on the market. SkyMath finds out where each child is in math, directs them to curated apps and videos at their level, and helps parents track and reward progress with real-world prizes. It's like having a fun, personalized math tutor!
The creators of SkyMath have eliminated the need for parents to spend hours trying to find educational (but still fun!) apps for children to use. They pick out the best apps and games to practice each math topic that's at the optimal level for each child. Your children can even choose the friendly avatar who will lead them through their math journey.
The videos, games, and little quizzes help your child learn while having fun. The activities progress in difficulty as your child gains stronger math skills. They get to choose how they learn and practice every topic, plus since there is always something new, your child will never get bored of repeating the same games over and over.
SkyMath will track your child's progress and keep you updated when your child has mastered new skills. There is even a prize system that parents can personalize by adding in tangible prizes for rewards. As an early childhood educator, I think SkyMath is a fabulous idea and I hope it gets into the hands of children everywhere!
Take a minute to check out THIS VIDEO about SkyMath and see how parents and children have responded to the SkyMath app. Visit their website at www.skymath.com too!

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