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The special event may be only once in your lifetime. So of course you should make full preparations. And the first step is to choose a breathtaking dress to capture everyone’s attention. Doing business for years in online dresses internationally, Cocomelody.com can offer whatever you need with confidence.

Each dress here has been painstakingly crafted to look flawless on a range of figures. Hence, whether you are searching for cheap bridesmaid dresses online or elegant floor-length evening dresses, I believe that you’ll surely achieve your fashionable goals if you go shopping at this site. Not only that, many dresses here are under $200, some are even under $100!! Most of all, there’s no shipping fee even if you purchase only one dress! Does it sound great?

ALL these beautiful dresses are under $200:
And these free shipping special occasion dresses are ALL under $100:
Cocomelody.com knows that your important coming event may cost you a lot, so it hosts this event of “Free Shipping” to help you save money. When you browse various kinds of categories from this website, as long as you see the label of “Free Shipping” in the top-left corner of dress pictures, then you can take that dress back home without paying for shipping rates. And “Free Shipping” will be available mainly in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and western European countries. Are you a lucky dog who lives in these areas?

Following are five simple steps to help you easily shop for your favorite free shipping dress. (Before shopping, please register an account with us for convenient service!)

1. Search Cocomelody.com and find the category of “Special Offers”, just click “Free Shipping” to start your shopping journey.
2. You can find lots of free shipping items are waiting for you there. Please help yourself to pick out your favorite one or more. Of course you can click the picture to see some more details about the dress.
3. Select the delivery time, color and size that you want, or you can also click the “Custom Made” to make a personalized design.
4. Add your chosen dress to your shopping cart or you choose to continue your shopping about other free shipping dresses.
5. Finally, go to the checkout. All information about your order will be displayed here. Choose your payment method and the right address to finish the order. Surely, shipping cost will be automatically deducted.

Cocomelody.com is a trustworthy online dress shop. From this website, you will absolutely reach your desirable dress with low price and this “Free Shipping” event will once again help you save big bucks! So why not start your happy shopping time immediately?

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