CleanPath Turns Cleaning Upside Down

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Did you know the majority of your household cleaners are mostly water? CleanPath has revolutionized household cleaners by concentrating the cleaning agents into a little pod, and you just add the water at home! Each pod contains enough for three full bottles of cleaner. This amazing collection includes multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.
Think about the positive impact! You're carrying home lighter shopping bags. You're reducing waste in the environment. You're saving money by getting three bottles to the cost of one. Plus, CleanPath products are made with premium ingredients and their foaming hand soap is a part of the EPA's Design for the Environment program.
Each CleanPath product is specially designed so that the refill pod screws onto the bottom of the bottle. Just turn it upside down and gently squeeze the concentrate into the bottle so that it fills the inner measuring cup to the line. Then flip it over and fill it with water! CleanPath products keep my home just as clean as anything else I've ever used, but the added benefits of these products make them a better choice for my family.
Find out more about CleanPath at www.mycleanpath.com. CleanPath products are available exclusively at Walmart across the country. Starter bottles retail for $3.58 each, and refill pods for $2.28 each, making the per bottle cost under $1, since each refill pod makes 3 bottles of premium cleaner. CleanPath has my highest recommendation!


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