CedarCraft Elevated Garden Planters

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
I wonder when people stopped growing food and started growing lawns. I see so many people investing money in their lawn and the only reward from that is grass. Just recently, I started vegetable gardening and it's easy, fun, and very rewarding. A few months ago, I planted broccoli plants and I was so excited when they started to flower this week. I'm a huge fan of elevated garden planters because I hate an aching back and sore knees. CedarCraft makes the most beautiful elevated planters I've ever seen!
The Urban Garden Planter from CedarCraft is beautifully crafted from reclaimed pieces of sustainable Western Red Cedar. It requires no tools at all to assemble. It's made so that the pieces fit together almost like a 3D puzzle. This planter is just one of four beautiful designs from CedarCraft.
A raised garden planter makes gardening so much easier, plus the height keeps nosy bunnies out of my growing vegetables. It also helps greatly reduce the number of bugs that can get into the soil, which reduces my need for pest control. Since we live in a little house with a little yard, these unique CedarCraft planters are the perfect way to grow my own food!
I'm really impressed with the quality of the Urban Garden Planter. The wood is simply gorgeous (and smooth) and it assembled in just minutes. This planter features a manger-shaped planting area, with a handy shelf below for storing tools and gloves.
It stands 29 inches high, is just over 30 inches from front to back, and is 37 inches wide. It actually looks bigger than I imagined it would. I'm very happy there is a drain hole inside the bottom of the planter. CedarCraft even included a plastic liner for the planter.
Once we assembled it, we carried the planter from the garage to the entryway of our house. Even as functional as this planter is, it's also a beautiful outdoor decor piece! Then I headed off to the store to figure out what vegetables to plant in my new planter.
February is a great time to plant onions in Texas, so I grabbed both white onion plants and red onion plants. My CedarCraft planter is big enough to plant 24 onion plants. I used about 2.5 bags of gardening soil to fill my new planter and added the leftover dirt to my blooming broccoli plants. My neighbor even stopped by while I was planting and gushed over my new CedarCraft planter!
I planted the onion plants about 4 inches apart and gave them all a healthy drink of water. Now all I have to do is water them every few days and wait for my delicious onions. If I had my wish, I would have about 25 of these beautiful CedarCraft Elevated Garden Planters, lined up in both my front and back yards, filled with all kinds of delicious fruits and vegetables!
I am beyond thrilled with my CedarCraft Urban Garden Planter and highly recommend them! Although I'll be using mine for vegetables, you could even fill them with stunning flowers. Visit www.cedarcraft.com today to learn more, see all the designs, and get yours ordered for your spring planting!
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  1. That is SO cool and very pretty! Thank you for sharing! It's on my wishlist now! :)

  2. This is just the right height for my patio. I can just imagine the flowers I would grow in it. Thank you, Lisa.


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