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Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Every single day I see people posting selfies on my Facebook wall. I always giggle a bit when I can tell it's a selfie photo, because you can see the person's arms outstretched in the photo. The Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro solves that issue easily!
The Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro is basically a long handle that holds your smartphone in a clip on one end and offers a Bluetooth shutter button on the other end. The Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro extends all the way out to 3.5 feet and works with both Apple and Adroid smartphones.
It's lightweight, at just 4.75oz or 0.3lbs, so it's easy to hold even when fully extended. It comes with an extra clip for securing the smartphone securely and provides excellent clamping around three sides of the phone. It's become one of Walmart.com's best selling items!
I will admit I haven't taken too many selfies in the past because I don't like the outstretched arm look, but the Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro is going to help me tremendously as a blogger. I used to have to wait until my husband got home to take photos of me for my blog, featuring fashion items, makeup, and skin care results, but now I can take all those photos myself.
Another great use of the Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro is for photos of entertainment that happen in large crowds, because you can lift your smartphone up higher to get great shots of whoever is on stage. Think of the great shots you could get at music concerts, graduation ceremonies, and even your kids' sporting events.
Get your Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro today at Walmart.com. It's only $14,95 with $1.95 shipping right now. I'm absolutely thrilled with mine!

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  1. I would love to try the selfie stick. Actually, my husband wants one for shooting videos.


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