Infuse Your Holidays With Umami‏

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Looking for an easy way to make your holiday meals even more fabulous? Laura Santtini has created Umami to make non-cooks good, good cooks great, and great cooks extraordinary! Umami product use only the best quality, all-natural whole ingredients, with no extracts or flavorings.
Umami Rush and Umami Pepper can be used as a table condiment or in your recipes. The tubes of Umami Bomb, Umami Vegetarian, and Umami Bomba! are perfect for adding to any of your favorite tomato-based dishes or smear it over fish or chicken.
Check out this video on how you can make your Christmas turkey ROCK with Umami:

I've been adding Umami to my dishes at home and it added fabulous taste to my homemade spaghetti recipe. I added about 1.5 tablespoons to my spaghetti sauce while it was simmering and my husband says it's a winner!
I added some Umami Bomba! to my chili pasta and it really added some zing to it. I'm so happy with the Umami products and I can hardly wait to use them in other recipes. The gift set is a wonderful holiday gift idea!
You can get the complete set of Laura Santtini's amazing Taste #5 Umami Collection, with 10 inspiring recipes in a beautiful gift box HERE!

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