What's Your Best Black Friday Score? #BlackFridayGiveaway

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With three children in college, it's almost a given that I shop the sales. Money is always tight, so we're always looking for a bargain! Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and that's also the day where the best in-store bargains can be found. Every year, I try to avoid the crazy crowds and insane parking lots, but those sale prices end up tempting me out of the comfort of my home. Shopping online on Cyber Monday also reveals amazing bargains.
My best Black Friday score ever was a 42" flat screen television. I don't even remember the exact amount I paid for it, but it was around 65% off the original price. I do remember that it was one of two left on the shelf and someone else grabbed the other one as we grabbed this one. I'm hoping for some more great deals this year and I'm using The Good Stuff to help me get prepared!
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What's your best Black Friday score? What's on your wish list this year?


  1. I have only shopped Black Friday once. I was in search of the pearl blue Nintendo DS for my daughter and you could only get it at Wal-mart. I got there just before the insanity started. I was trying to figure out where they had them and what line I needed to get in. Needless to say a lot of people thought I was trying to wiggle my way into the line in front of them. Just as the sales started, a wonderful man opened a spot that had not been open before and there was no line...guess who got first dibs on the DS!!! I then proceeded to meander my way around the store and pick up a printer for our church, some new coats for the kiddos, a few other random items. I then headed for the line to check out. It was stretched from the front to half way through the store. I ended up right by the jewelry counter. I asked if they could check me out there and because I didn't have anything from the jewelry department they could not. I thank her nicely and waited patiently in line. About two minutes later she said I was the most patient and kind person that she had ever seen at one of these events and she was going to go ahead and check me out because I was the only one in that store just standing there patiently waiting with a smile on my face. I was in and out of the store and headed home in less than 30 minutes. I have not been back since. I do however have to go this year because my mom in law wants to get something for my son and I was informed that "she was not going to fight those crazy people alone and if she was going to get killed getting a gift I might as well be there with her". ;)

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