The Packbasket and The Market Basket - Floral Print Set

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
About 18 months ago, I reviewed The Grocer (you can read that review HERE). It's still my favorite shopping bag and if you live near me, you've probably seen me carry it. I use it every single week for my grocery shopping and it still looks brand new. I literally danced when I found out ADK Packworks has created new bags!
These bags are not your typical reusable shopping bags. They are the most versatile, most durable bags I've ever seen. They are made of a strong outer material and feature an inner wire frame, plus a lock-tight inner base. I fill these bags with heavy things, like gallons of milk, canned foods, and dried beans and rice; they hold it all.
These new bags are called the Packbasket and the Market Basket. The Market Basket measures a bit smaller than the Packbasket. Both fold flat, just like the Grocer, so they take up very little storage room, but they are super roomy inside. Most reusable bags only last a few trips to the store before ripping, but ADK Packworks are made to last a long time.
These beautiful new bags feature a delightful floral pattern hand-drawn by Maeve Parker. These bags won't fold over while you're trying to fill them, because the inner wires keep the bags standing tall. Best of all, these bags don't tip over in the trunk of my car. The Packbasket even comes with a cover! The Packbasket measures 15"H x 12"W x 8"D and the Market Basket measures 11.5"L x 9"W x 11"H at the bottom and 15"L x 11"W at the top.
These bags outperform others in so many ways and people are always asking me where I got them. I use them for all kinds of shopping trips and anytime I need to carry things with me. They are so easy to clean too -- the fabric comes off the frame and goes in my washer, and I use a cleaning wipe on the frame and bottom.
Visit www.adkpackworks.com to grab yours today! I absolutely LOVE mine and I know you will too. They are beautiful, practical, and reliable. These bags are also the perfect holiday gift!


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