Stainproof Shirt for Moms - Cavalier Tshirt

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
The Cavalier Tshirt is one amazing shirt. It's not just another cute, fashionable tshirt. It's actually a stainproof tshirt. It resists all water-based liquids. Ever spill coffee on your shirt? How about red wine? Have you every tried to get soy sauce out of your shirt? All those things and more will simply roll off this shirt!
The Cavalier Tshirt is the world's first hydrophobic nanotechnology application to a 100% cotton tshirt. It's available for both women and women, plus even a kids' shirt is in the works! Created by Threadsmiths, the Cavalier Tshirt is comfortable and stylish, and I haven't been able to stain it yet. I even tried grape juice!
Check out the quick video below to see the Cavalier Tshirt in action!

Check out www.threadsmiths.com.au for more information on the Cavalier Tshirt and to order today! You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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