Quinoa Pops Cereal - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Quinoa is a whole grain seed that is packed with protein and is so good for you! Pereg Quinoa Pops Cereal is the perfect way to add quinoa into your family's daily lifestyle. Pereg makes four flavors of Quinoa Pops Cereal - Original, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cocoa. Not just for breakfast, this cereal is a great snack or a new way to add some pop to your other meals.
Quinoa Pops are certified gluten-free, OU Kosher, cholesterol-free, plus they are low in sodium and sugar. They are a much healthier choice than popped rice or popped corn cereal. These tiny pops are lightly sweet, airy, and crunchy. I love the way they taste! My favorite, of course, is the cocoa flavor and I love it as a topping on my strawberry yogurt.
It's also great tossed into banana slices because the cereal sticks to the bananas. Even your kids will love Quinoa Pops Cereal! Quinoa Pops Cereal can be eaten in a bowl with milk, tossed into a salad, and even used as a topping on ice cream or cooked veggies. And it's only 100 calories per serving!
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