Manicure Tips From The Pros At Trind

I'm loving my new Trind Nail Care Kit! Here are some great manicure tips from the pros at Trind!
  • Even if your nails do not have nail polish to be removed before doing your nails, use Trind’s acetone free Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover to better prepare the nail plate. This will remove any grease and/or residue so your polish will adhere better and last much longer.
  • To push back the cuticles, first soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Pushing back your cuticles should never be painful.
  • Never ever cut your cuticles with scissors! Hang nails, on the other hand, can be snipped away.
  • While filing your nails, you can check your progress by running them down a pair of old nylons. If your nails snag on the nylons, you have some additional buffing to do.
  • Use the patented Trind Professional Glass Nail File to give you fast, professional results. The laser grit files and seals the nail at the same time, for a smooth and healthy finish.
  • Start with the Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam for moisture and then use base coat to properly prepare the nail plate as your canvas before applying your favorite shade of polish. A base coat also helps protect and maintain the strength of your nails.
  • Give your nail polish at least 1 to 3 minutes drying time between coats when doing your nails at home. This will give you a nice even sheen and lasting finish.
  • Apply many thin coats of your polish rather than one thick coat. It will dry quicker and last longer.
  • Apply your polish like a professional in three strokes. Take a small amount of polish on your brush and apply one stroke down the center of your nail. Then apply strokes on the left and right. Do not use more nail polish. One brush dip should equal three strokes of application. Allow at least 1 minute for the polish to set before applying the next coat. Or better yet, wait 3 minutes for best results.
  • Remember, 2 to 3 thin coats are better than one thick coat.
  • Always apply a clear top coat to your polish to finish off your nails. It’s worth the extra step to give your nails that nice glossy look. Top coats add longevity to your manicure and also help protect your nails.
  • Apply the top coat only after your polish is completely dry to the touch. It may be a pain to wait out the drying time but you’ll thank yourself later.
  • Want the next best thing to the perfect French Manicure without the hassle of getting the white tips neat and free of imperfections? Use Trind Nail Brightener (aka. French Manicure in a bottle) and Trind Nail White Pencil underneath the nail tips instead of white polish. You’ll love the results!
Trind is Europe's most trusted and respected line of hand and nail care. It is found in the finest perfumeries from St. Tropez to the Champs ElyseƩ in Paris, and from Stockholm to Milano. Trind is now fast achieving the same status in the United States and Canada. News of Trind is spreading like wild fire as women everywhere share their stories about the incredible results Trind achieves! Trind has been an expert in nail care for over 25 years.

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