Gravity Maze - Awesome Game Idea for 8 to Adult

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Who is up for a challenge? Gravity Maze is a brand new game that combines challenge, strategy, logic, engineering, and as I learned, patience. It's a one-player game, but your friends and family members can all take turns solving the challenges.
Gravity Maze comes with a grid base, three marbles, an assortment of colorful tower maze blocks, and 60 challenge cards. It's a combination of a marble run with a logic puzzle. There are many ways to arrange the blocks, but only one way to solve each challenge so that the marble will travel from starting point to target. The challenges range from beginner to expert.
Designed for ages 8 to adult, this is the perfect game to keep busy minds working while having fun. So far, I've gotten through about half of the challenges and it's so engaging that I lost track of time while I was playing. My college kids are going to be all over this when they come home for the holidays. It's a fabulous gift idea!
The Toy Industry Association has just nominated it for Toy of the Year in the specialty category! You can get Gravity Maze at Amazon, Target, ToysRUs, Barnes and Noble, and select toy stores. Find out more about Gravity Maze at www.thinkfun.com.

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