Time to Plant Flower Bulbs

NOW is the time to plant your spring flower bulbs! Planting flower bulbs is actually quite easy. You just choose the flowers you want to see in the spring, dig up some dirt, drop in a bulb, cover it up, and wait for your flowers to bloom. Some will bloom earlier than others, so if you want your garden to bloom continuously, it's best to choose flower bulbs that bloom at different times of spring. The graphic above, from Longfield Gardens, is a wonderful visual guide to use for planning!
Here are a few of the bulbs I planted this week. The Muscari Armeniacum bulbs will give me beautiful blue flowers from early to mid-spring and the Tulip Suncatcher bulbs will give me stunning yellow flowers beginning in mid-spring. I'm also planning on getting some Parrot Tulips for a mix of pretty colors in late spring. Click HERE to download the 60 Days of Color graphic to help you plan! What are you planting this fall for your spring flower garden?

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Good from October 15 - 19, 2014 only!

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