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Disclosure: I participated in the Neil Diamond Melody Road album review program as a member of One2One Network.
I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.
When I was a little girl, I listened to my parent's play their Neil Diamond records over and over. It was only natural that I would fall in love with his music. When I was a teenager, my mom took me to a Neil Diamond concert. We sat front row balcony, hovering to the left of the stage at Neil Diamond's eye level. I don't think we've ever screamed as loud as that moment he sang "Forever in Bluejeans" and looked right at us! I've been to two other Neil Diamond concerts since then. I get all choked up whenever I hear him sing "America." Neil has sold over 125 MILLION albums worldwide and he’s been inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame AND the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Neil Diamond has a new album, Melody Road, which will be in stores October 21, and I've already had the pleasure of hearing the entire album. His soulful voice and beautiful words come through in every song. You are definitely going to want to preorder your copy of Melody Road now!
Songs include Melody Road, First Time, Seongah and Jimmy, Something Blue, Nothing But a Heartache, In Better Days, Ooo Do I Wanna Be Yours, Alone at the Ball, Sunny Disposition, Marry Me Now, and The Art of Love. It's an amazing collection and I truly love all the songs. My personal favorites are Melody Road and The Art of Love. The music touches my heart and takes me back to that memory of my mom and I together at that first concert. His songs are a part of my childhood and I'm so happy to have his newest songs. His one-of-a-kind voice is a gift from God! Check out Something Blue now!

Preorder yours now here:
* iTunes: http://bit.ly/NDMelody
* Amazon: http://bit.ly/MelodyRdND
NOTE: Amazon preorders give fans a code that give them early access to purchase Neil Diamond concert tickets for the 2015 tour!

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* Official Neil Diamond Website – www.neildiamond.com
* Twitter – @NeilDiamond
* Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/neildiamond
* YouTube – http://bit.ly/NDMelody

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  1. I also tear up whenever he sings America. His was one of the very few concerts I have ever gone to--I just had to see and hear him in person!


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