Goldie CableKeeps - Review #tech

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Here's a fun way to keep track of all your charger cords! The Goldie CableKeeps are designed for iPhone and iPad chargers. They are shaped somewhat like a goldfish and available in green, magenta, light blue, orange, red, purple, and dark blue.
Each Goldie can hold your USB charger and charging cord in a more organized and whimsical way. The plastic is soft, so it's easy to insert your charger, but still grips it tight enough that your charger won't fall out of it.
With an open-ended design, the charger can be plugged into the wall while attached to Goldie, and still allow the charging cable to be inserted from the back. The unique shape of the "tail" is designed so the cord can be wound around it, shortening the cable and helping organize your desk area.
It's also a fabulous way to make your charger and cord more easily portable because it will stay compact and wound up in your backpack, briefcase, or handbag. Don't you hate when your cord gets all tangled up with everything else you're carrying?
Goldie's tail can also support your iPhone, so now it's even easier to find a convenient place to recharge! Goldie would be an excellent stocking stuffer this Christmas at just $13 each. I love the personality and the functionality of CableKeeps!
There are CableKeeps for lots of devices at www.nicebydesign.com. Go check out the entire collection and find the right one for your device!

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