The Texas Boot Company - Bastrop, Texas

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Located east of the Austin, Texas area is the historic town of Bastrop. There you will find The Texas Boot Company, a huge store that truly encapsulates what most people think of when they picture a true Texan.
My husband and I visited The Texas Boot Company and as we pulled up to park the car, there was no mistaking the trailer full of cattle parked out front. Yes, this is Texas! Located at 733 Old Austin Highway, The Texas Boot Company is easily accessible from state highway 71.
Walking through the front doors, we immediately inhaled the wonderfully distinctive smell of real leather. There were rows upon rows of boots in every imaginable size and color. The Texas Boot Company is not just a store, it's a destination.
We were greeted in true southern hospitality and offered our choice of coffee, water, beer, or a margarita. My husband went for the beer and I requested a margarita. Who cares that it was only 11:00a.m.?
Our tour of The Texas Boot Company was led by Marc, who is the owner. There are departments of boots, clothes, and hats, plus accessories like belts, handbags, and jewelry. They feature great designer items and we even saw several boot designs that were created by their own employees.
The Texas Boot Company has a big room towards the back of the store that is often used for gatherings and even has a calf-roping machine for use. There is also a John Deere buckboard wagon and the beginnings of a boot museum. There is so much to see!
The employees are exactly what you would imagine - tall, handsome men in cowboy boots and cowboy hats. I spied a few females working throughout the store too, but who wouldn't want this guy helping them?
With so many boots to choose from, I wanted to try on absolutely everything. There are tons of brand names available at The Texas Boot Company!
I loved these short-height leather booties and they were really comfortable, but I decided I wanted a more traditional style of boots.
Many of the boots feature great color schemes with reds, blues, pinks, greens, and more. Some of them make a real statement with lots of bling.
I was surprised at how comfortable the pointed-toe boots felt on my feet. I had a pre-conceived notion that my toes might feel cramped, but that notion was quickly trumped.
I did have a preference on heel height though. I really loved the feel and fit of these gray boots with the tan lacy-looking overlay, but decided a lower heel was a better choice for me.
These fringe boots are all the rage right now and were simply beautiful, but I already have a pair similar to these and was looking for something a bit more casual.
Check out these fabulous Texas flag boots! The leather is really soft and although they made a real statement, I wanted something a bit more neutral so I could wear my boots with everything.
I definitely noticed the amazing furniture throughout the store. How much more Texan can a place get?
It is SO much fun to shop at The Texas Boot Company! Everyone is so nice and no one cared that I wanted to try on nearly every pair in the store.
With the help of Marc, the owner, I finally found my perfect pair of boots! Made by Corral, these boots are the perfect heel height and calf height, and they fit me perfectly.
The neutral colors mean I can wear them with virtually anything and there is just a touch of bling to make them fancy without overdoing it.
Visiting The Texas Boot Company in Bastrop, Texas, was a fabulous experience! And don't miss the adorable, tiny cowboy boots for babies near the registers! There are boots there for everyone in the family.
You can certainly shop online at www.texasbootcompany.com from anywhere in the world, but if you're in Texas, you absolutely must make this stop in your travels!
Y'all be sure to have some real Texas barbecue while you're in Bastrop and take a historic tour of the downtown area too! A huge thanks to Marc and everyone at The Texas Boot Company!
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  1. I love the boots you picked out! Looks like you had a great time at The Texas Boot Company!

  2. You look like you had a great time trying on boots. ;) I hope that you found some that you like.


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