Tell Me of Brave Women by Laura Riley

Disclosure: I received this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Tell Me Of Brave Women by Laura Riley really grabbed at my heart. It's a very well-written novel about three women in abusive relationships. Every woman should read this book. As I read this book, my emotions from a past abusive relationship rose to the surface. The book's characters are very real and the author does a masterful job of setting the story in its locations and taking the reader right to that place. I couldn't put it down. A must-read that I give a solid five stars!

About the book:
In this exciting novel, three dynamic women stand up to old traditions and fight abuse in new ways. Samara, a famous storyteller, creates Secret Sisters, an underground society that shelters battered women in the Middle East. She's hunted for her beliefs and stalked for her beauty. Thelma, a tough waitress in Appalachia, witnesses a beating, gets a gun, and changes Samara's destiny forever. Evangelina, a South American teen, is forced to be a drug lords sex-slave until she's emboldened to flee to Secret Sisters. To escape, she must use a killer's own tactics against him. Through escalating dangers, the three heroic women battle abuse and wager their lives for liberty.

About the author:
Laura Riley received her B.A. from UCLA, and her M.A. and PhD. degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Southern California. As a psychotherapist, lecturer and teacher, she has helped battered women become achieving women for more than three decades. Studying the status of women in eighty-nine countries, she's met survivors of violence everywhere and believes that abuse will only end when women unite against it. She writes to encourage them to come together and demand justice and equality with men. She loves art, fairy tales, reading, walking, traveling, gardening and listening to people talk. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Patrick, and their extended family. For more information about Laura and her work, please subscribe to Laura's blog, What Nana Knows at tellmeofbravewomen.com.

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