Rug Pad Corner Ultra Premium Non-Slip Pad - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Throwing an area rug on a bare floor can be dangerous for several reasons. First, an area rug may be constructed with glues or chemicals that can discolor your wood or laminate. Second, an area rug without a rug pad is often a slipping hazard that could cause someone to fall and be injured.
Rug Pad Corner offers a huge selection of rug pads that will provide you and your floors safety and comfort. I recently purchased a new area rug for the family room in my new home and didn't even bother to unroll it until my Ultra Premium Non-Slip Rug Pad arrived. Rug Pad Corner shipped quickly and my rug pad was packaged well in heavy plastic to protect it during shipping.
The Ultra Premium rug pad is safe for my laminate floors because it's made without the use of any chemicals, glue or adhesive, as are all of the rug pads at Rug Pad Corner. It's also safe for hardwood floors and even heated floors, so if we upgrade, I can use it on any type of flooring. I was delighted that it didn't smell funny when it came out of the packaging.
Their online Rug Pad Wiz helped me find just the right rug pad for my home. Rug Pad Corner will cut the rug pad (or not if you prefer uncut) to the exact size of your area rug or slightly smaller (which is what I selected). We rolled out the rug pad with the rubbery non-slip side down and the rough material side up. Then we rolled out our new area rug on top. The rug pad was actually better shaped than the area rug and we had to stretch and push on the area rug to make it lay flat, but the rough side on the rug pad gripped well onto the area rug and held it in place.
My family room is now the most luxurious spot in the house. I love walking across it in my bare feet because it's nice and cushiony (and safe!). Rug Pad Corner definitely earned my hearty recommendation! I truly appreciate that they also donate a portion of every sale to a charity of your choice.

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