Mistakes Swimming Pool Owners Should Avoid

Buying and installing a swimming pool is not only a major financial investment on the part of a homeowner, but it also comes with a lifetime of maintenance and upkeep issues. This isn’t necessarily a negative, as looking after your swimming pool means that you’re not only looking after your investment, but that you’re ensuring that it’s functioning at its safest and most optimal, so your friends and family can enjoy it with complete peace of mind.

That being said, there are common mistakes or issues we frequently see swimming pool owners make in regards to maintaining their swimming pools. Below is a fantastic list of these that you can print off and use as reference. Do a self-audit to see how you rank up as a swimming pool owner.

1. FORGETTING ABOUT SKIMMER BASKETS AND LINT CATCHERS – Forgetting to check your pool pump’s skimmer basket or lint trap is by far the most frequent swimming pool issue that’s reported. The reason for this is obvious, as in order to look into these, you have to actually look into your pool pump system. It’s well worth making a weekly schedule so you never forget to check and clear out any skimmer baskets and lint catchers. If you don’t, the trapped debris can affect the water circulation of your pool system, which can lead to expensive and serious malfunctions down the line.

2. ADDING CHEMICALS AT THE WRONG TIME OF DAY – Proper maintenance of your pool requires the use of a whole range of common additives and chemicals such as chlorine and other disinfectants. What you might not realize however is that the time of day you choose to add these chemicals can also affect their efficacy. The recommendation is to aim to add these during the night. This way, not only will you be able to actually use your pool during precious summer sunlight hours, but it will also mean that temperature and other factors will not interfere with the chemicals.

3. FORGETTING TO SCRUB TILES – Algae issues are a major problem for all swimming pools. Once an algae bloom takes hold, it can become incredibly challenging and costly to completely eradicate it. That’s why, as you might expect, prevention is better than cure! Make sure that you incorporate a thorough cleaning routine in your maintenance schedule that includes at least weekly scrubbing and brushing of any tile and exposed surfaces. Not only will this remove algae before it has a time to bloom, but it will also prevent tile calcification, which can be another expensive issue to repair.

4. IGNORING BROKEN DRAINS OR SUCTION PIPES – This should go without saying, but a swimming pool is always a potential drowning hazard! Poorly maintained drainage, suction pipes and related issues like this can lead to drowning if swimmers get stuck, or hurt by damaged equipment. The solution to this is simple. The moment you spot any minor structural issues or faults in any drainage or piping, you should replace it immediately! When it comes to the safety of your friends and family, always appreciate the need for prevention!

These are some of the more common issues we see swimming pool owners make, but rest assured there are plenty more. Advice that should always be adhered to is to simply use your common sense and respect the fact that owning a pool comes with certain safety responsibilities. As long as you are committed to owning a safe swimming pool, and maintain a regular cleaning and checking schedule, you should be fine. For other great information, or help finding affordable pool supplies Sydney homeowners trust, you can contact the team at Metro Pools and Heating at metropoolsandheating.com.au.

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