Create UR Plate - How to Delight Diners - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Hosting a quiet dinner for two? Hosting a family luncheon for six? Or perhaps a large gathering of sixty is more your style? Create UR Plate is the most unique way to delight your diners that I've ever seen! I personally love custom designed dinnerware, but it really stretches the budget. Create UR Plate is a very affordable alternative and since you can even choose to customize your design, it's a much more personal experience for everyone.
Create UR Plate offers both glass and plastic plate options, with several sizes of plates available. The glass plates are my choice for dining at home, but if I were to host a large party I would be much more likely to use the plastic plates. Fortunately, the Plate-Ables will fit both!
The Plate-Ables are the secret to designing the plate that fits your special occasion or spices up your everyday meals. They are reusable decals that easily and quickly adhere to the bottom of each plate, facing upward through the plate. There are SO many designs to choose from and you can even add photos and text to designs if you want.
The Plate-Able simply peels off the sheet and when you're done with dinner, peel them back off the plates and store them on the sheet again in the included Plate-Able folder. I literally spent hours looking at all the designs for holidays, seasons, special occasions, and events, plus there are bunches of everyday designs that are modern, classic, bold, trendy, and traditional.
I received six of the glass plates and since my home is now an empty nest, I decided to select three sets of two designs of the Plate-Ables so I could set a fashionable dinner for two. The fall leaves design is perfect for this time of year and will take us all the way through Thanksgiving.
These modern stripes are perfect for lunch any day of the year! The Plate-Ables stay clean for me because they are on the underside of the glass plates, but if they do become dirty I can just wipe them down with a damp cloth. I want to make sure I never put the Plate-Able decals in the dishwasher.
Since I painted my new empty-nest home kitchen a green, I thought these green blocks Plate-Ables were perfect for romantic dinners with my husband. I can also use them year-round. The Plate-Ables are under $2.00 so I could have "new" plates every week if I wanted. I can't wait to add more to my collection. I absolutely love my Create UR Plate dinnerware and we will be using these over and over again!
Go see all the amazing ways to delight your diners at www.createurplate.com. Customize them for parties, holidays, and every day. You're going to love them as much as I do!
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