VTech CareLine Phone System SN6197 - Review

Disclosure: I received product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.
Having a home phone landline is an important part of home safety for all families. Having one with extra safety features for older parents is a true bonus. The VTech CareLine Phone System SN6197 provides a complete system with Base Phone, a Cordless Handset Phone with a charger, and a Portable Safety Pendant with a charger.
The CareLine phones feature big buttons and large displays for those of us whose eyesight isn't quite what it was when we were younger. It also features a backlit display which is awesome in lower lighting. It has an answering system, caller ID and call waiting, and will store up to 50 calls. I can even add photos to the speed dial buttons on the base set.
CareLine also has a digital reminder system, talking digits, and a visual ringing indicator. It also has eco mode  power-saving technology, quiet mode and line power mode. It can be expanded to include up to 12 devices by adding additional wireless handsets and wireless safety pendants.
Our base line is right next to our television where we have our modem located and we've set ours up to have the speed-dial options as our individual cell phones. The cordless handset sits on the counter in the kitchen so it's easy to grab and carry to wherever we want to chat. CareLine also has voice amplification and the volume of incoming sound can be increased up to 40 decibels.
The CareLine phone system is also hearing-aid compatible, but fortunately that's not yet a feature we need. The portable safety pendant comes with a charging base, so we have that sitting on the side table in the guest room. The safety pendant can be clipped on or worn on the pendant cord for easy mobility around the house.
It works similarly to a cordless phone in that it can dial a number, but it dials to the phones set as speed dial 1 and 2. That works perfectly for our purposes, whether it's being used by visiting parents or even by our college-aged kids. Anyone using it will have immediate access to us via our cell phone numbers. Plus, there are no monthly subscription fees for using the safety pendant.
The VTech CareLine Phone System is the perfect solution for our family. Since aging is not something we can prevent, it's important that we have a phone line that will work long term, especially if one of our parents comes to live with us. The phones clarity is excellent and even the ringer has a pleasant tone. We love our CareLine! With Grandparent's Month coming up in September, the CareLine would be an excellent gift to celebrate how much you love talking to your parents and grandparents. Some of my favorite childhood memories include chatting with my Nana on the phone!

Visit the VTech CareLine website for more information about keeping your family members safe with the CareLine Phone System. You can also connect with VTech on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

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