Moms: Discover Proven Steps to Creating Balance In YOUR Life Today!

Hey friends!

I’m so excited to invite you and all the moms you know to a FREE event – “Mastering Motherhood Summit” – an online interview series for moms that delivers practical and actionable solutions to create balance with Home, Family and Business. I am so proud to be part of this movement to support busy moms in creating balance while juggling so much!

If you’re a mom wanting guilt-free “ME Time”, re-connect with your spouse, rejuvenate your passion for life doing what you LOVE, manage everyday chaos of Motherhood – or - simply want to get back on the priority list – This event is for you!

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If you are a mom – you already know creating balance managing all responsibilities as a mom, wife, career women and everything in between is one of the greatest challenges every mom faces. Managing “it all” can feel overwhelming and exhausting - Somewhere in the process we end up last on the list. Mastering Motherhood Summit provides the tools to help you change this.

This summit is all about creating a unique balance that works for you!

The experience of motherhood could be the most amazing experience of your life, it may also evoke a range of feelings that you have never felt before. You may feel ill-equipped to deal with mom-guilt, overwhelm, and might even feel your life is out of control. Maybe your intuition is telling you to make a change, take action and control of the major aspects of your life but you are unsure where to start.

My friend and colleague Janet Barsotti is on a mission to help moms around the globe by creating a movement she calls “Sisterhood for Mommies”. She is passionate about helping moms navigate through everyday chaos, fall in love with life, re-discover themselves and LOVE every minute of Motherhood. This is why she created Mastering Motherhood Summit FREE interview series.

You will walk away not only feeling that you can have it ‘all’ but also have the tools to change your life and have true balance that includes YOU on top of the priority list. Discover how you can manage stress, your household and relationships.

You can start to feel sense of balance, get re-energized and learn to carve out guilt-free “Me time” immediately by registering for this event. Create the balance and harmony in home, family and business.

As Modern day moms we need tools to tackle it ‘all’ with ease, joy and without feeling overwhelmed. It’s time to eliminate stress and create essential balance in all areas of your life. Don't miss a moment of the joys of motherhood.

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Join me and 20 other leading experts who will offer solutions to creating balance, provide inspiration, encouragement and actionable strategies you can implement immediately into your busy life to create balance and harmony.

Each expert is giving away FANSTASTIC FREE GIFTS that will jumpstart your journey to a newly balanced life!

I look forward to joining you for this exciting series!

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